Wall Tile Refinishing

Shower Wall Tiles Need TLC Too

Shower Wall Tiles Need TLC Too

Wall tile refinishing services in the greater Wolcott, CT area

Has the tile in your bathroom become outdated or lost its appeal? Is your tile color outdated and in need of a change? Don't waste your time attempting to replace your wall tile or spending thousands of dollars to replace it when you can have it re-glazed. Let MrResurface update your wall tiles with thorough refinishing services.

Thanks to over 20 years of industry experience, our owner and operator, Ernest Staton Jr., has the skills, equipment and materials necessary to professionally resurface the tile throughout your home. He works on every project himself, ensuring the highest quality service and your satisfaction.
If you want to re-glaze your tile with a neutral color to get a more modern bathroom, rely on Ernest to get the job done right the first time. Call or text 203-578-5260 today to get in touch with MrResurface in Wolcott, CT.

Experience a transformative fix for your dated bathroom

If your shower wall tile seems to be lackluster and losing its shine, or the color is just outdated, you could benefit from wall tile refinishing. Replacing your shower wall tile can be extremely expensive, time-consuming and inconvenient for you and your family. At MrResurface, we understand how important your shower can be. Our team of professionals will reglaze your bathroom wall tiles leaving them clean, fresh, and modern.

Don't wait any longer to update and enhance your bathroom by refinishing the wall tile. Call MrResurface in Wolcott, CT today at 203-578-5260 to get started.