Tub and Tile Reglazing CT

Do you need to see my bathtub?

If you are having just your bathtub, or your bathtub and the tile over it reglazed, I do not need to look at it to give you an estimate. You can text pictures of your tub to 203-578-5260. To receive an estimate for a standard sized tub please use the estimate form.

Is the Price too good to be true?

"You get what you pay for" is very true with refinishing. A professional refinishing job will save you time and money. A poor refinishing job can cost you extra time and money along with a large dose of frustration. The cost to refinish a standard size 5 foot residential tub can range from $800 to $2000, depending on location and condition of the tub, such as has someone tried to reglaze it before. Before taking the lowest bid, make sure the company is reputable. That's why I'm happy to have over 60 reviews on Angie's List all with an A rating. To avoid headaches, check with reporting companies like Angie's List to see what experiences past customers have had and just don't trust the companies word or the few references they provide you with. Anybody can fabricate references.

Can I see samples of the work?

If the refinisher has a showroom, go by for a visit and check out samples of the work. If he does not have a showroom, ask if there is somewhere else to see his work. Ask to see a sample of the finish. Any refinisher could post the greatest testimonials on their website, but It's nice to still see for yourself rather than just taking their word on it. So that's why I have a showroom located at 1776 Meriden Rd, Wolcott CT Rear Building that is open by appointment to show people the quality of my work.

Is the Bathtub Refinisher Local?

I'm a locally owned non-franchise company. I am base in Wolcott / Waterbury, CT which is within a 40 minute drive from most of the state of Connecticut. I have access to 3 major highways, I-84, I-91 and Route 8, and can reach the Counties of Hartford, New Haven, Fairfield, Middlesex, Litchfield, Tolland within 40 minutes. A local refinisher is more apt to take care of you should your job need service down the road, whether it is covered by the warranty or not.

How Long Has MrResurface Been Refinishing Bathtubs?

I have been refinishing bathtubs and countertops since 1996. If you can't find this information on my competitors website, it's because they don't want you to know. Be wary of franchises. Just because the franchise has been around for 30 years or so does not mean the franchisee owner is trained or experienced. Training a few days at a facility is not the same as on the job training. Since I'm not a franchise, all my years of training has come on the job.

Can I just use a tub refinishing kit and refinish my own tub?

Yes, but it will not look nice nor will it last. Unfortunately the do-it-yourself tub refinishing kits sold online or at Home Depot or Lowes do not provide the proper adhesion preparation components to prevent the inferior epoxy finish from peeling off the tub within days. Since the kits use a roller to apply the finish, the tub will have roller streaks no matter how much the kit's instructions say it will level after applying it. The worst part is that to have the tub reglazed professionally will cost 60% more than if the tub was reglazed professionally the first time as the epoxy finish needs to be stripped off for the tub to be reglazed properly.

Can you change the color of my tub & tile?

Yes! We can change from whatever color you have, to any color. We carry all manufacturer colors, so we can match your old tub and tile to a new fixture.

Does my drain have to be removed?

No. Usually by the time you're ready to refinish your bathtub, your drain has been in place for many years. So removing it and replacing it can be quite a job and may cause other damage. So unless you want to have a new drain, we recommend leaving it in, but if you are going to change the drain, you would want to do it before your tub is reglazed.

How long before I can use the new finish?

You can recaulk and use your tub 24 hours after we finish reglazing it.

What if my tub was refinished before?

We can still refinish your tub. To guarantee our work, we must remove the old finish before applying the new one. This does require additional time and labor, so there is an extra prep charge. Of course, as with any refinishing, proper prep is very important to a successful and lasting refinishing job.

What if I Have Shower Doors?

If you have shower doors you have three options when it comes to bathtub refinishing. If you plan to keep the same shower doors, we just need you to take the doors off of the shower track and we can mask off the shower track that you will leave on the tub. You will re-install the same shower doors after the refinished tub has cured. You can also remove the shower track and doors completely if you want to convert to a shower curtain or a new shower door before we reglaze your tub.

How does Bathtub Refinishing compare with a bathtub liner?

The finish we apply to your tub is much harder than that of a bathtub liner or insert. Also, our finish is bonded directly to your tub, there are no air pockets such as is the case with a bathtub liner. Thus, no moisture can develop which in turn will lead to mold and mildew growing between the bathtub liner and your tub. This can cause a very annoying odor. Reglazing your tub is also much less expensive than having a bathtub liner installed.

Can you fix a crack in my fiberglass tub?

Yes, we repair cracks in fiberglass tubs. If the crack is in the bottom of your tub, we can install a patented, specially designed inlay. The inlay will seal the crack and add support to the floor of your bathtub, and we are one of the few companies in Connecticut using this method and technology. We also perform other repair and refurbishing related services on tile, porcelain, and cast-iron tubs, sinks, and kitchen/bathroom surfaces.

How long will the reglazed surface last and is it guaranteed?

A reglazed tub that is cared for properly, will last 15 plus years. We will provide you with guidelines on proper care and maintenance. MrResurface LLC of Connecticut offers a 5 year, written no-fault warranty on reglazed tubs. After 30 days of completion of service, there is a small service fee to repair any damage to tubs, regardless of reason.

What should I use to clean the new finish?

We recommend using a non-abrasive cleaner, such as Lysol Tub & Tile Cleaner (without bleach) or Fantastik (without bleach). How you maintain your tub is the most important way to get the 15 plus year life out of your newly reglazed tub. Since the new finish has a very high gloss surface, there is no need to use abrasive cleaners, and in fact, abrasives or the wrong cleaner can be detrimental to your new surface.

Always use a soft sponge or towel when cleaning the tub, and never use a scouring pad or something similar as this would scratch and wear away the finish over time and compromise the finish. I would recommend using the two cleaners listed above. If you can not find these cleaners or you are not sure that your cleaner is ok, give me a call. I know for fact that the above cleaners will not damage the finish as I personally have used these on my reglazed items in my own home for over 8 years now. Any other cleaners may void the warranty. The above mentioned cleaners should be available at your local grocery or hardware store.

Note: DO NOT Clean Your Reglazed Bathtub with Paint Thinner, Goof OFF®, Scrubbing Bubbles®, Acetone, Lacquer Thinner, M.E.K. ® or other chemicals that attack the structural integrity of plastics (which includes acrylic urethanes which the reglazed tub is made of) (including, but not limited to, acetones). Use of these chemicals will destroy the acrylic surface of your bathtub and there is no way to reverse the damage caused by this type of chemical reaction. Use of these chemicals will void your warranty.

I've received quotes from a couple hundred to a thousand dollars to reglaze a tub, is there a difference in quality?

Yes. There are shortcuts that can be taken to keep the price down that the customer would not be aware of until it’s to late, such as using inferior materials or spraying over an old reglazing job and not stripping it and doing the job right.

The difference between me and my competition is professionalism. I use the most durable material available to a professional reglazer which is an expensive 24-HOUR CURE HIGH SOLIDS ACRYLIC URETHANE COATING. This material is only sold to trained professional refinishers and It’s not an inexpensive 1-step epoxy finish which the lowest bid companies are using. This material is not sold from a hardware store.
Price is an important factor for potential customers, so I have given some pointers in helping you make a decision. Not everyone uses the same materials. If a company is offering a 2-3 year warranty, chances are they are using inferior materials.
I have invested a lot of time into my website to help give my potential customers as much information as I can about my services before they call me. Asking for References is good, but companies will only give you favorable references, so you should check things they don’t have control over misleading people about such as their license status with the Department of Consumer Protection. Becoming a member of Angies List is an excellent way to get unbiased reviews of bathtub refinishing contractors. I know your time is precious as is mine, so I don’t want to waste it.

All tubs by MrResurface are done by Ernest Staton Jr since 1996, so you get the same A+ certified quality every time as you can see from the testimonials on the bottom right and my reviews from Angies List. There are companies besides mine that may do good work, but usually not for only a few hundred dollars. A small state based company will usually have more experienced technicians than a large multi-state franchise company which usually have technicians with under 5 years experience.

Some companies will say they have a 5 year or longer warranty, but when the customer calls with a concern or is in need of a repair they don’t return their calls or blame the customer for the damage and tell the customer the warranty does not cover the repair, thus the initial couple hundred dollars savings to use such a company is useless in the long run.

Many times a year I have to strip and redo tubs reglazed by other companies that will not honor their warranty or the tub is peeling after the warranty period is over, or have they have gone out of business and now the customer has to pay almost double to have the job done right. One customer I took care of told me that one franchise company that services more than one state told her that she was a liar and that she was rude for complaining about her reglazed tub. That is the type of customer service you can expect from the lowest bid company.

If you are told that the finish will take longer than 24 hours to cure, then the company is using an old epoxy curing formula.

For the most part a locally owned tub refinisher will give you a better job and better customer service because they will have more experience. A local company will be better able to service your tub should it ever become damaged for any reason even if accidentally damaged as things can and do happen such as someone dropping a heavy tool in the tub or some other heavy metal object falling chipping the tub by accident, and it is nice to have a local company that is willing to take care of you even if the warranty does not oblige them to .
I Ernest Staton Jr will service your tub reglazed by MrResurface even if the damage is not covered by the warranty, I have just charged a modest repair fee ($55-$75) to bring the tub back to like new condition. This policy has won me more than a few referrals.